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What is the best time to visit the Pic River Guest Suite?

  • Every season is wondrous. We are open year-round.


What methods of travel are available to get to the Pic River Guest Suite?

  • By vehicle just off The Trans Canada Highway 17.  You can fly into Sault Ste. Marie or Thunder Bay (nearest airports) and rent a car to travel here or take a bus (subject to availability).  You can also boat here as the Pic River flows into Lake Superior.  The Via Rail bud car also operates between Sudbury and White River every second day. (For a detailed Map and Directions click here)

Are there groceries, restaurants or cash ATMs in Pic River?

  • There is no bank or ATM in Pic River.  We have a small convenience store within a “stones’ throw” from both of our accommodations.  Our main grocery store is located in Marathon, a short 20 minute drive just east of us.  Marathon also has a few licensed restaurants and establishments.  In the summer time, there is a chip wagon in Pic River.  Both accommodations have well-appointed kitchen facilities.

How close are you to Pukaskwa National Park?

  • We are practically on its’ doorstep; a short 6 minute drive away.

What are some of your favourite sounds here? (Not really a FAQ but I thought you should know...)

  • In winter: The sound of fluffy white snowflakes falling.

  • Spring: The spring peepers. -Magical!

  • Summer: The chorus of birds that sing here.

  • Fall: leaves falling in a gentle breeze. A little later in the fall, I love the sound that rocks make as they glide across freshly formed ice on the river.

What should I bring? 

  • Both accommodations are fully supplied with most kitchen implements and a hot drink station (coffee/tea). We supply all the bedding and towels.


Things that are a good idea to add to your packing list include:

  • Waterproof jacket,

  • Comfortable and warm outer-wear,

  • Hiking shoes,

  • Hat,

  • Water bottle (1 per person),

  • Insect repellent,

  • Clothes for warm weather,

  • Sandals or water shoes,

  • Swimsuit,

  • Sunscreen,

  • Sunglasses,

  • Day pack,

  • SUP board/canoe and safety gear such as PFD,

  • Snow shoes/x country skis in winter,

  • Favourite plant books.

Pic River Guest Suite Outdoors 2.JPG
Pic River Guest Suite Outdoors 2.JPG
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