COVID-19 Procedure

  • No contact payments and check-ins,

  • Extra care to practice physical distancing during your entire stay.

  • I will never enter your space unless requested and in that case, I will practice extreme care and caution.

  • Each accommodation has its’ very own private entrance and space. There are no public halls or lobbies to walk through to get to your room. Not many hotels can say this.

I get world travellers. So it is important to use world class best practices for your safety and for the safety of my family and community. First and foremost, we cannot accommodate guests who are symptomatic upon arrival, or who become symptomatic during their stay. We would encourage you to get travel insurance to cover your costs in the event that this should happen.


I spent weeks researching an effective, non-toxic sanitation system to minimize the threat of COVID-19 exposure at our accommodations.  Among many people in the world, there can be little doubt that the cruise ship industry took an incredible hit, with this pandemic.  I realized that with their close quarters, they would be especially motivated to adopt a highly cautious and effective COVID protocol. I followed their response closely.  They (and now we), use hypochlorous acid (HOCL) foggers. An electrolysed water and salt mixture that is non-toxic and non-hazardous to people and animals, yet highly effective against bacteria and viruses.


Cleaning before and after your stay:

All workers will enter with PPE and fog the entire place with this non-toxic solution. Next, all the windows will be opened, (if not already). The beds will be fully stripped and laundered and dried with a hot setting.  All high touch surfaces will be sanitized. Our extensive, regular cleaning practices have been up-graded extensively. Our accommodations were described as immaculate before this pandemic. Now they are doubly so. During your stay, we ask that you wear a mask and sanitize your hands if you do go to the local store and gas station. We are a particularly high-risk community with many people who have heart disease and diabetes. PPE will be supplied for this purpose. We will have Lysol wipes in each accommodation should you require them during your stay.


Here at the Pic River Guest Suite we strive to stay well.

Pic River Guest Suite
Pic River First Nation, Ontario, Canada
(807) 229-8790
Pukaskwa National Park
Pic River
Lake Superior
Northern Ontario Wilderness
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