Local Attractions

Mouth of the PicSo what can you do in a small Northern town of 400 people?

  • Join us on one of our “Wild and (mis)Guided adventures”. see here for details
  • see and purchase local photography from extraordinary talent Doug Gibbons
  • Enjoy and purchase Local Artwork. There are gorgeous local works of art adorning the walls of the Pic River Guest Suite and every one of them is for sale.
  • go canoeing
  • Visit Pukaskwa National Park just minutes from here
  • Visit some of the most stunning sand dunes and beaches (just a short bike ride or paddle down the river)
  • Take a hike anywhere on the many trails outside my door
  • Experience our Ojibway cultural ceremonies at the Turtle lodge, pow wow, or many sweat lodges
  • Take a boat tour down the coast of Lake Superior to the swinging bridge
  • For nature and peace lovers, the possibilities are endless!
  • Travelling? Holiday Rentals in Italy, France, Spain, America and Worldwide.